• Barton Tallywacker the Third

    Barton Tallywacker the Third

    A charismatic dwarven cleric preaching the word of Benyar to all who would hear it as well as to all that don't care.
  • Caydan


    An elven battlemage, whose mastery of the mystical arts far exceed his ability to aim and approximate distance.
  • Graul de Gril

    Graul de Gril

    A bloodthirsty grunge elf ranger; tempering his desire to skin every foe he defeats with his willingness to avoid being arrested.
  • Nocturnus


    An evil dwarven warrior whose penchant for murder and mayhem are only eclipsed by his love of alcohol.
  • Wylae Coyotae

    Wylae Coyotae

    A kleptomaniac gnomeling thief; constantly overlooked by her friends AND her foes.